Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a work show where we got to wear costumes yesterday so I designed costumes for my area manager, Jessica and I that resembled bottles of our company product. They turned out pretty great and we were a big hit! Ken and I are being football refs for Halloween this year. Maybe I will get around to posting those pictures someday along with the ones from our amazing one year anniversary which we spent at a Bed & Breakfast in Julian (total surprise for me from Ken) it was amazing!!


mistyb said...

you guys look awesome! and i think it's a miracle that you updated the blog! :) just kidding but good to see some pictures of you guys!

Brooke said...

what a great idea! you are so creative. maybe you'll get a raise as a result of it! =)

Erin said...

What a great costume? Are you loving your new job?? I'll be down in SD for a wedding November 21.. We should hang out if you have time?? Are you around Sunday the 22ond? We could do brunch :)
I miss you like crazy! You need to be on Facebook :)

Brooke said...

*ahem*....let's keep the posts coming Cari! we're all "busy". =) MUAH!

Steve and Cyndi said...

Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hoping that everything is going well. I miss your updates!

hi, i'm brooke! said...

ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR...i declare a blog post! (okay so that doesn't rhyme, but i don't care) I want you to blog!!!!! It's the only way i get to keep up with you anymore.